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How does FastMaint Web differ from other editions?

FastMaint Web is the web edition of FastMaint. Like FastMaint Professional it provides multi-user access. FastMaint Standard is a single user edition meant to be installed and used on a single computer.

Note: FastMaint Cloud is the FastMaint Web edition hosted by us. So if you prefer to avoid hosting and setup issues, it is possible to upgrade & retain your existing data from Standard, Professional or Web editions to FastMaint Cloud.


Some Benefits of FastMaint Web

1. Easy deployment: Install it on a computer that will be the web server. You do not have to install on each user’s computer or have them run it off a shared network drive (unlike FastMaint Professional). User’s can access it using just a web browser.

2. Host on your web server: Hosted on Microsoft’s Internet Information Server which is part of Windows (Professional, Ultimate & Server editions).

3. Browser access: Only the web server needs a computer with Windows 10/ 11 or Windows Server 2012/ 2016/ 2019/ 2022. User’s computers can be other versions of Windows and have as their web browser Internet Explorer 11 OR a HTML 5 complaint browser (FireFox, Google Chrome, etc.). FastMaint Web offers support for the Apple iPad, many Android tablets and smart phones.

4. Work requests: Work request management is built-in. You do not need the add-on work request module to handle work requests. Emailed work requests can also be automatically received.

5. Upgrade path: Easily upgrade from FastMaint Standard/ Professional to FastMaint Web as your needs change

6. Database choice: Like FastMaint Professional you have a choice of using the built-in Jet (Microsoft Access) database or an external Microsoft SQL Server database. You can also move the database from the built-in Access database to SQL Server as your needs change. Note: If you are going to use FastMaint Web with three or more concurrent users or a large database, we strongly recommend SQL Server to avoid performance issues. Even the free SQL Server Express edition will work

7. Report scheduling: You can schedule reports that are generated automatically and emailed to you and others on specific dates and times.

8. Automatic email processing: Rather than having to manually process email like in FastMaint Professional edition, FastMaint Web can automatically process work order updates emailed back by maintenance technicians and close work orders as needed.

Want to see for yourself?

You can see a web demo OR download the fully functional 30-day trial of FastMaint Web from here

You can see screenshots & get an overview of FastMaint Web here

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