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Do I need to create a new task every time I want a work order on a different equipment/ location?


I can set up multiple pieces of equipment on a task. But when I go to make up a work order it always has all of the equipment listed on the work order.

Do I need to make up a new task every time I need a work order? We have tasks like (EJECTOR SYSTEM REPAIR). At any time I can have an ejector system breakdown for a specific piece of equipment and would need to make up a work order.


A task is basically a template for creating work orders – by the system or by you. Work orders created from a task can be completely modified so that they bear little relation to the original task. You can use the same task to create multiple work orders with each work order being for different equipment. For example you create an unplanned task named “General Maintenance” or “Change Light Bulb“. Now you can create work orders as needed using this task as a template. Each work order can be modified to associate it with different equipment, locations, etc.

In the most extreme case you could have just one unplanned task in the system e.g. named “Any Maintenance“. You could then create all work orders as needed from this by selecting “New” work order OR by selecting “Requests” (from on the main window/ home page). Modify the resulting work orders to change equipment/ locations/ parts/ people/ etc.

However, it is advisable to create different tasks for different types of maintenance (e.g. tasks specific to boilers, tasks specific to cooling systems, preventive maintenance tasks, etc.). This will make it easier to standardize best practices (by using the task instructions), organize work orders as well improve reporting/ audits/ analysis/ etc.

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