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Use “Part Of” field to create hierarchies

There is a field called “Part Of” found on both the equipment form as well as on the location form. “Part Of” is used to link together equipment (or locations) in a hierarchy. For example you could define an air conditioning plant as equipment and under it have the condenser system, pumps, etc. marked as sub-equipment (components). On the sub-equipment you would specify that they are “Part Of” the air-conditioning plant. Similarly you could have rooms (locations) as “Part Of” a floor (location) and floors as “Part Of” a building (location).

You can see this hierarchy in the Equipment list on the Main window (or Location list for locations). It makes it easier to locate equipment if you need to report problems, create work orders, etc. You can also use this information to get an equipment’s history. For example work order history & maintenance costs of an equipment and it’s sub-equipment.

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