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Making it simple to schedule & manage PM jobs weeks, months or years in advance.
Anonymous User
I have roughly 40 years experience with PM. Almost 30 of these years were using computer based programs. We evaluated about 10 software packages and found FastMaint was structured very simply yet was far more powerful than we needed. In the end we will have roughly 150 pieces of equipment/facility. Some pieces of equipment will have several Tasks.
Gordon C.
Farm Owner
A nice easy to use package that has a host of useful features and seems to be bug free. I have looked at a few other products but Fast Maintenance seems by far to be the easiest to use and the quickest to learn. Keep up the good customer support as this is great product.
Richard N.
Equipment Maintenance Manager

Preventive Maintenance Software Features

Who it is for

Maintenance managers will like the combined management of equipment & facilities. Easily create corrective and preventive maintenance plans for all these assets. A great solution for manufacturing & industrial operations, commercial facilities like warehouses, office complexes, resorts and more. Built in parts management & purchasing. This makes it easier to track inventory use & availability and to reduce out of stock situations.

Variety of job scheduling options

Create & schedule all types of jobs with the same program interface. Schedule preventive maintenance on equipment by time (say every five weeks) or by an alarm condition, or by meter readings on the equipment (say every 6,000 miles) and so on. In addition schedule unplanned work due to equipment breakdowns as needed.

schedule preventive maintenance with FastMaint CMMS
list of maintenance work orders in FastMaint CMMS

List of maintenance work orders showing current state

Track pending work that may be missed

Use work orders to schedule & track jobs to be done by technicians or sub-contractors. Work orders can printed or emailed with reminders sent out when they are overdue. In addition, print pictures and detailed instructions on work orders to help technicians perform maintenance jobs correctly.

Import & setup from Excel data

For instance, do you already have much of your data in Excel spreadsheets? You can import equipment, locations, spare parts, job templates and more.

Use the Import feature to get a step-by-step wizard that guides you to map your data to the correct fields.

Therefore, you can quickly setup your system and get going.

Plus, you can export data to Excel files. For instance last quarter’s work orders for further analysis.

Import equipment from Excel spreadsheet
Maintenance statistics changes over time

Variety of reports & analytics

FastMaint has a variety of reports that you can email or print. Therefore, you can get an idea of work order costs, usage of spare parts, equipment downtime and more. Above all, use the one-page Statistics report to get an idea of your current situation at a glance!

Customize or create new reports with the WYSIWYG Report Editor. For instance insert custom fields, change report formats, add your logos and so on.

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Preventive Maintenance Tips From Our Blog

Preventive maintenance is a critical function of a maintenance department. The equipment and machines used for production are a manufacturing or industrial operation’s lifeblood. Equipment shutdowns means products not being made or delivered to customers.

Have you ever had this happen to you?
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Proactive maintenance tries to identify and fix the root causes equipment failures. As part of your maintenance plan it can result in significant cost savings. It is different from reactive maintenance and preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance vs. proactive maintenance: Preventive maintenance will try to perform repairs or parts replacement based on a maintenance schedule. For example an oil change every week, change a gasket every 1000 run-hours and so on.

On the other hand …
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Are you using maintenance management software for your preventive maintenance planning? Most maintenance programs aka CMMS software have many reports for different purposes. They often look very good and sometimes they can be really useful! 😉 On the other hand… Do you know the health of your preventive maintenance plan? read more

Preventive maintenance scheduling leading to complaints?!
It does sound weird!

Have you ever had this happen to you?

For example, management or other departments complain that your preventive maintenance scheduling is too much. Maybe equipment is frequently unavailable because of scheduled preventive maintenance. In addition your team complains that they spend too much time checking equipment and doing preventative maintenance chores.

Depending on your work order backlog and who is complaining, you should take these complaints seriously or not!
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When you have several hundred equipment it can be hard to get an idea of preventive maintenance that is due for all the different equipment. Hence, this is where reports from your CMMS software can be quite helpful. For instance, you may find a report called Equipment Maintenance Calendar. Use it to get an idea of preventative work due in the coming months week by week.
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Maintenance managers are acutely aware of how CMMS software aka maintenance software can improve maintenance operations and reduce expenses. However, it can be difficult to get support from senior management or business owners to buy such software and put it to use.

Have you ever had this happen to you?

On the other hand…

From management’s point of view, there are several other areas besides maintenance software where such capital expenditures can be made. Nearly all of these can also improve business operations.

So how do we justify putting limited budget dollars to get maintenance software versus spending it elsewhere?

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When your organization buys a CMMS/ maintenance software program one of your first challenges will be how to set up & use your new system. Your IT department or consultants can install and do some initial set up the system for you. However, the maintenance planner or maintenance manager have to decide how to setup and use the system!

Have you ever had this happen to you?😒

You will need to find some way to start using the system without bogging down or slowing maintenance operations. After all the critical job here is ongoing equipment & facility maintenance.

Just think about it…

The maintenance management software is just a tool. It should not hold up or delay maintenance work because it needs to be set up or it has a complicated workflow.

So how can we do this with a minimum of disruption?
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Scheduling preventative maintenance (PM) is a frequently overlooked aspect of maintenance management. Certainly, nearly every equipment needs some kind of regular maintenance. Above all, this reduces the chance of unexpected failure or repetitive breakdowns. Equipment downtime results in big costs due to lost production, variable product quality and poor customer satisfaction.
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