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What is the web based work request module?

The Web Based Work Request Module is part of FastMaint Web edition. It is a separate add-on for FastMaint Professional edition.

With it people who do not have FastMaint installed can use a web browser to submit maintenance work requests and report equipment alarm conditions. They may also check the status of pending requests and tasks. Maintenance administrators can receive email alerts when requests are submitted and requesters can receive email updates when requests are processed. User requests need to be reviewed using the Requests function in FastMaint so that the requests can be approved and work orders created.

If you do not have the Web Based Work Request Module, you can directly create work orders from requests using the Requests button available from FastMaint Professional’s main window.

Applicable To FastMaint Professional ONLY:

During the trial period, FastMaint Professional allows processing of requests submitted using the Web Based Work Request Module(which must also be installed). Please contact us if you would like a trial of the add-on work request module. After the trial period you will not be able to see these work requests unless you also buy a license to theWeb Based Work Request Module in addition to the FastMaint Professional license.

The Web Based Work Request Module needs to be installed on a web server that has Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.x and above with ASP scripting enabled. It also requires you to have FastMaint Professional installed (not Standard edition). It is available as a separate download.


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