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Using equipment meters


A particular piece of equipment has maintenance at 5,000 and 10,000 hours, I broke that down to number of years 2 and 4 respectively but have found that the frequency doesn’t allow for this.

I know I will have to use the meter to schedule these tasks but am not sure how to proceed. Looks like I will need to key hours in the Units field but am stumped for the Estimated Use fields.


You can use one of the following options:

1. Estimated use: FastMaint will calculate the equipment’s usage based on the number of hours of use per day, skipping calendar holidays and equipment non-working days. For example if you enter 10 hours/ day with a 5-day week this works out to 50 run-hours per week, 2600 hours/ year (ignoring holidays) and so on. Now any tasks that are scheduled based on a change in meter reading (e.g. every 1000 run-hours) will be scheduled as needed.

2. Actual use: You enter the meter readings as the equipment is used and you collect them. FastMaint will look through tasks based on this meter reading and schedule the task(s) when the meter readings have changed by the appropriate amount. For example after a meter reading change of 1000 run-hours for a maintenance task that needs to be done every 1000 run-hours. You can also import groups of meter readings using the import function.

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