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Link files (photos, documents, …) to equipment/ work orders

FastMaint has a built-in HTML Editor that you can use to edit Comments/ Instructions. If you hover the mouse cursor over the toolbar buttons displayed in the HTML Editor you get a tool tip letting you know what the button is for. In Basic/ Standard/ Professional editions prior to version 7.0 click the Edit button next to the Comments/ Instructions to bring up the editor.

Use this editor to embed links to photos/ documents in equipment Comments or task Instructions. They can be printed out on equipment reports, work orders, etc. (see related issues below). You can keep all images/ documents/ manuals on a corporate intranet or global shared drive. The advantage is that these documents can be updated and maintained separately as needed (e.g. a manufacturer changes equipment manuals, etc.).

FastMaint Web/ Cloud Note: Since they have their own web server, when you try to insert pictures or other media files, they first require you to upload the file to a upload folder and then allow you to select one of the uploaded pictures to insert in the field. To do this click on the Insert Image button in the HTML Editor. Upload pictures as needed. Then select the picture file to display in the Files list. Click the OK button or drag and drop the picture shown in the Preview pane.

Note: In the HTML Editor you can copy & paste the content from Microsoft Word documents, spreadsheets, etc. However most such files (e.g. Word documents) usually have so much extraneous information that at most you could fit one or two pages in Comments/ Instructions if you copy & paste them as they are. Instead it is better to use the built-in HTML Editor or third-party HTML editing tools like like FrontPage/ Dream Weaver to create & format information that you can put in the Comments/ Instructions.

If there is already existing information you wish to copy from a Microsoft Word document you can copy the information from the Microsoft Word document and paste it into Notepad. Notepad will strip out all the formatting information and make the content smaller. You can then copy the information from Notepad and paste it into the Comments/ Instructions. If you wish to retain the general format of the document you can try using 3rd-party websites like https://word2cleanhtml.com/ to strip off this extraneous information from Word documents and paste the cleaned information into FastMaint. Another alternative especially if the documents are very large, is to keep the documents as they are and put hyperlinks to them in the Comments/ Instructions section as mentioned above.

See the related issues below for more information & examples.

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