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I had the program up and running in minutes. Issuing work orders couldn’t be any easier, and the program’s other features are just as intuitive.
Peter Silverstein
Plant Manager, Koster Keunen

One of the easiest CMMS programs to setup and use. The ability to add photos and drawings to parts and equipment in FastMaint is a blessing. This is often a option in other CMMS packages. Reports, Work Orders and Purchase Orders are very professional in appearance and functionality.
Craig Still
Maintenance Manager, Middletown Industrial, Inc

We have already purchased your software and have been using it for a few months now. Our maintenance department loves it.
Mike Angle
Network Support, Custom Wood Products


CMMS Software Benefits

  • Not complicated. Hours not days to set it up!
  • Simplify work order management of corrective and preventive maintenance
  • Create preventive maintenance checklists and preventive maintenance plans for equipment and facilities
  • Have all of your equipment and information related to that equipment in one place
  • Inventory management to make tracking and re-ordering maintenance spares or supplies simple
  • Like a working diary. With easy scheduling, follow ups and reports you can customize
  • Also useful for onsite maintenance operations or field service management

CMMS Software Features

  • Designed for maintenance teams from 1 to 100+ users
  • Grows with your needs. So you can go from Single Windows User to Networked to Web editions
  • Collect and track maintenance work requests
  • Manage spare parts, vendors, re-ordering & purchases
  • Get a 30-day trial. Convert it to the full version and retain your data
  • Affordably priced starting from US $600 (Basic Edition)
  • Available for a One-Time license Fee (for installed software, does not include upgrades & optional annual maintenance)

Work Request & Work Order Software For

Industrial Plant Maintenance

Facility & Building Maintenance

Utility Maintenance (Water/ Sewage/ Power)

Hotel & Restaurant Maintenance

Aircraft / Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

Enterprise Asset Management

General Equipment Maintenance


Additional Reading

1. The Business Case For Maintenance Management Software

Maintenance planners and supervisors understand how maintenance management software (CMMS software) can improve maintenance operations. And it can reduce not just maintenance costs but operations costs due to improved equipment reliability. Unfortunately it is often hard to convince senior management or company owners to buy CMMS software. There are several other areas besides maintenance where such capital expenditures can be made! And improvements in nearly all of these areas can improve business operations. So how does one justify putting limited budget dollars to get a CMMS software package versus spending it elsewhere?

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2. Is Using A CMMS Package Worth The Trouble?

Many maintenance personnel have had a previous bad experience with a maintenance software roll out. As a result, this may give them concerns about the value of using a maintenance package. They worry that the software will be more of a hindrance rather than something that helps them do their jobs. These are valid concerns! So maintenance supervisors will need to address for a successful implementation of the CMMS software.

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3. CMMS Software Selection Tips: What Should You Be Looking For?

Maintenance management covers a wide area since regular maintenance is required for a variety of assets. A maintenance software program is not just useful in locations with a lot of machines (e.g. manufacturing plants, mining operations, etc.). It is also useful where you have a lot of facilities needing maintenance (hotel, resorts, restaurants) as well as those with other equipment (e.g. utilities, vehicle fleets).

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Need  help  selecting  the  right  CMMS  software  for your company, and not sure where to start?
Get The Free CMMS Selection Guide
CMMS Software Selection Guide 
Need  help  selecting  the  right  CMMS  software  for your company, and not sure where to start?
Get Free Guide
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Need  help  selecting  the  right  CMMS  software  for your company, and not sure where to start?
Get The Free CMMS Selection Guide
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