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How can I create custom reports?

From FastMaint 5.1 onwards it is possible to customize most of the reports in the system using the Report Designer. The Report Designer allows you to create custom reports using a familiar WYSIWYG word processing environment. You can use existing reports as templates to create custom reports. The custom reports that you create can be made available to other users or just for your own use. A tutorial on using theReport Designer is available in the Tutorials section in the Support Center. However, you may sometimes need to create custom reports that are not possible with the Report Designer. In such cases it is possible to use third-party reporting tools to create such reports.

FastMaint’s data is stored in a Microsoft Access (Jet) database. With the Professional and Web editions you can also use a Microsoft SQL Server database to store your data. So you can use third party reporting tools like Crystal Reports or Microsoft Access to open the database & create custom reports. See “How to open the FastMaint database with other programs“.

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