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What is new in FastMaint?

Comparing FastMaint 9.0 vs. FastMaint 8.0

1) Support universal unplanned tasks that can be requested for any equipment or location just like the default task.

2) New equipment downtime report available from statistics showing downtime against each equipment in the period.

3) Retire out of service equipment.

4) Parts History report has a new tabular data report template to show beginning inventory, inventory that was added, inventory that was used, and the ending inventory.

5) Support future periods in item history, work order and purchases reports.

6) Improved support for tablets with different screen resolutions – iPad and Android (FastMaint Web edition).

7) IMPORTANT: Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported. Internet Explorer versions prior to version 9.0 are no longer supported. Microsoft SQL Server versions prior to SQL Server 2008 are no longer supported for the database.

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