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What is new in FastMaint?

Comparing FastMaint 10.0 vs. FastMaint 9.0

1) Ability to clone purchases (useful to create blanket requests or reorder the same items).

2) Statistics report expanded to show actual & estimated labor & material cost breakdowns for current & prior periods.

3) FastMaint Web/ Cloud now supports most smart phones.

4) FastMaint Web/ Cloud now has an upload manager to upload and link documents in comments & instructions.

5) Provide description/ narrative of original work request in email updates.

6) Ability to specify that work requestor should be informed of any updates to work requests.

7) Find who else is logged in now available in both FastMaint Professional and FastMaint Web editions.

8) IMPORTANT: FastMaint Web/ Cloud no longer supports Internet Explorer versions prior to version 11.0.

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