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What is new in FastMaint?

Comparing FastMaint 13.0 vs. FastMaint 12.0

Major Changes
1) Email now also supports TLS 1.2 since many email vendors are dropping support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 (shows connection errors)
2) New Type option in Parts History report selects only parts used/ received in period. Useful if there are many infrequently used parts
3) Filter items using wildcards in selection lists (e.g., when selecting parts for a work order) now also available in Standard/ Professional

Other Changes
4) New Learn button/ tab added to main window/ home page to get quick access to online tutorials and help
5) Automatically cancel open future work orders when retiring an equipment
6) Freeze costs of previously created work orders when editing. Recalculate costs with current prices only on parts changes or person changes

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