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What is new in FastMaint?

Comparing FastMaint 12.0 vs. FastMaint 11.0

Major Changes
1) Ability to delete old data in the database and reduce its size
2) Create wizard to help new FastMaint users enter new equipment, parts, task templates and so on
3) Maximum allowed password size increased from 10 characters to 20 characters
4) New settings/ configuration option to force an equipment or location be specified when creating an unplanned work order
5) When modifying parts used on a work order, option to only show parts for equipment on the work order

Other Changes
6) Ability to print a single bar code on a label sheet (bar code module add-on)
7) FastMaint Web/ Cloud: Ability to email login details to user when creating or modifying a user account
8) FastMaint Web/ Cloud: File Manager maximum file size that can be uploaded increased to 6MB from 4MB
9) FastMaint Web/ Cloud: Size of allowed link url (for an external link) increased from 50 char to 255 char in File Manager
10) Optimized performance for databases with more than 100,000 work orders

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