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Removing unwanted work orders


Example – we have a daily task to check rollers. Some days this task is not done and on the following day, the new daily work order is completed. The program shows all tasks not done even if we delete old work orders. When we look at the Work Order screen, there are all these “rubbish work orders/ tasks” that are planned but never done. How do we clear these task work orders that appear on the screen?


You can set the status of such work orders to “Closed (Not Done)“. No parts will be reduced from stock for them and costs will be set to zero. You can also use the Feedback button to quickly close out past due work orders (select Pending+Past Due in the Feedback selection screen).

Note: If you keep getting a lot of these unwanted work orders scheduled, check the task frequency settings of these work orders to make sure that they are being scheduled correctly. This is especially true if the work orders keep re-appearing even after you delete the work orders.

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