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Limitations of FastMaint Basic edition

Can you tell me something more about FastMaint Basic’s restriction to 40 task templates, 40 equipment and 40 locations?

Note: FastMaint Basic has been retired in April 2021. This information is for previous customers.

FastMaint defines something called a “task” as a template for creating work orders (both planned & unplanned). For example you could create a “Weekly Check” task that represents a maintenance checkup that needs to be done on a some equipment every Wednesday. FastMaint schedules a work order for every Wednesday when this task occurs. Or you could have a “Quarterly Shutdown Maintenance” task that needs to be done on the last working day of every quarter. FastMaint schedules work orders from this task at every quarter end. Tasks make it faster to create work orders since they are pre-filled with information (equipment, parts, instructions, etc.) from the task. Much of this information can be changed on the work order as needed.

The Basic edition limits you to 40 such templates – but there is no restriction on the number of work orders you can create from these templates. The Basic edition also limits you to 40 different equipment and 40 different locations.

The Basic edition can be a good choice if you have a limited budget and need a program that makes it easy to record and keep track of maintenance work. You can try to categorize your maintenance into a few types of unplanned & planned work. Define these as tasks and create work orders that can be modified as needed. FastMaint can help you keep track of work done, calculate due dates, produce reports, etc. At a later date you can upgrade to FastMaint Standard or Professional while still retaining all your maintenance data.

Need to support more than 40 equipment/ locations/ tasks?

If you need to define more than 40 different types of maintenance tasks, have more than 40 equipment or 40 locations you will need the Standard or Professional editions. Standard / Professional do not impose this 40 item limit (they do have a theoretical limit of about 30,000 tasks/ equipment/ locations based on the size of some database fields).

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