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Download FastMaint CMMS software for facilities & equipment maintenance

FastMaint CMMS makes the maintenance jobs of the maintenance manager & maintenance planner a lot easier.

Handle inventory management of spares & supplies, create preventive maintenance checklists, receive maintenance request forms from users and do corrective task management.

Customize the built-in work order templates to make your own work order forms.

Maintenance work order software system for:

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I like your program because it’s easy to maintain and it’s SIMPLE!
Alex Ghita
Technical Manager

Why use FastMaint CMMS for your work order software?

  • Designed for maintenance teams from 1 to 100+ users
  • Easy upgrade from Single Windows User to Networked to Web editions
  • Use with Microsoft SQL Server OR built in Microsoft Access database
  • Manage unplanned & preventive maintenance in one place
  • Reduce breakdown/ emergency maintenance (learn more…)
  • High customer satisfaction (see customer comments)

Maintenance Work Order Software For

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Maintenance management covers a wide area since regular maintenance is required for a variety of assets. A maintenance software program is not only useful in locations with a lot of machines (e.g. manufacturing plants, mining operations, etc.) but useful where you have a lot of facilities needing maintenance (hotel, resorts, restaurants) as well as those with other equipment (e.g. utilities, vehicle fleets).
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Preventive or preventative maintenance (PM) is a frequently overlooked aspect of maintenance management. Nearly every equipment needs some kind of regular maintenance. Preventive maintenance can be a simple as doing a weekly check, to replacing a machine once it has done some number of run-hours.
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How can one plan for breakdown maintenance which by its very nature is unpredictable? However, there are some things that you can do to make your maintenance team more effective in handling unplanned equipment breakdowns and other maintenance emergencies.
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