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How to create custom reports

The Report Designer allows you to create custom reports using a familiar WYSIWYG word processing environment. The custom reports that you create can be made available to other users or just for your own use.

Report templates are used to generate most reports. You can modify existing report templates or create new report templates to make customized reports. There are several built-in report templates that you can copy & change to suit your needs.

How to access the Report Designer

When running a report e.g. Planning, Work Order History, Equipment History and so on, you will see a drop-down field called “Report Template“. Next to this field will be a button called “Add/ Edit Report Templates“. Click on the “Add/ Edit Report Templates” button to get a list of available reports. From this list you can add new report templates or modify existing report templates using the Report Designer.

In the Report Designer there are a variety of report functions & options available for your use to customize the report. You can click on the Help button at the bottom of the report design page to learn more about these options & functions.

Learning to create custom reports

1) See step-by-step instructions from Help, FAQ section (Help button in the software):

a) Standard/ Professional Edition
b)  Web/ Cloud Edition

2) How to print work order costs in the work order report

3) Customize a report to hide unwanted sections

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