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Equipment and sub-equipment

You can define an equipment as a sub-equipment of another. Use the “Part Of” field to specify that one equipment is part of another (e.g. a pump as part of a chiller). The parent equipment itself could be part of another equipment. This effectively creates a hierarchy of equipment (e.g. the chiller as part of an air conditioning plant).

This hierarchy makes it easy to get a “tree view” of equipment. This tree can be used to quickly find a specific equipment that needs some maintenance. For example find a specific pump as part of an air-conditioning plant when you have several pumps of the same type.

equipment and sub-equipment

Similarly you can create a hierarchy of locations. Use the “Part Of” field to specify that one location is part of another. For example a room within a building, a work station as part of an assembly line and so on. Each of these locations could have equipment associated with it (e.g. a room air-conditioner, a drill at a specific work station).

Get total costs for a location and sub-locations

You can get a roll-up of costs in the location hierarchy (including any equipment in each location). Use the Location History Report (see Locations under the Reports menu on the main window or Home page). Keep the check box “Include history of equipment in location” checked to also get details of work orders done on equipment in the location.

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