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Search for items (work orders, parts, etc.)

Say you want to find all open work orders from prior periods. Or you want to find all spare parts of a specific type e.g. pumps. When you have hundreds or even thousands of items this can become very important!


1. Use Find to find different items

Say you want to find all parts whose Name or Description contains the word “pump” e.g. parts with a name or description like “AX112 Water Pump”, “PUMP67AH”, “Feed Pump – Boiler 8” and so on. You can use the Find feature in FastMaint.

Click on the Find button (top toolbar in Standard/ Professional edition) or Find link (top left on the Home page, Main tab in Web/ Cloud edition). In the Find screen make sure to select the item type you want to search by (“Part” in our case). Then enter “*pump*” in the Name field and check off “Also search the Description” and submit your search.


2. Use Fast Feedback to find & close work orders (Professional/ Web/ Cloud)

Click on the Feedback button (top toolbar in Professional edition) or Fast Feedback link (Home page, Tools tab in Web/ Cloud edition).

In the “Feedback” screen you can enter your selections for period, work order types (e.g. “Pending + Past Due Work Orders“), filters, etc. These selections can be saved for next time using the “Save above settings as my defaults” checkbox at the bottom. So whenever you use Fast Feedback after this it will only pull up the work orders you are interested in.


3. Searching item lists in Web/ Cloud edition

On top of many of the tabular lists you will notice a top row with a Filter button in it. The first field in the row will be drop down showing a list of columns.  This means that you can filter the list by specific values in a specific column to search for items.

For example on the Home page, Main tab you click on Parts to see a list of all parts. It will show you a list of all parts in the system with columns like Part (part name), DescriptionCategoryPrice, and so on. Say you want to find all parts whose Description contains the word ‘pump‘. In the filter row in the first drop down select Description from the list. Select a comparison “equals” (= sign) from the second drop down. Then enter *pump* in the third field and click on the Filter button to get a list of matching parts. If you click on the Help link just above the filter row you can get more information on the searches possible.

When looking at work orders you will have a few more options that you can filter by e.g. dates, categories, equipment, etc. (use the More button).

Finally you can click on a column name to sort the list by that column.

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