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Unplanned maintenance outside normal hours


I have been using the unplanned task “Any Other Maintenance” for jobs, some of them have been done after normal business hours. Is there some way of marking the “Any Other Maintenance” work order to indicate that the job was done outside of normal business hours?

Is there a way of generating a report of the jobs that have been done after normal business hours?


1. Create a new unplanned task e.g. “Any Other Maintenance (After Hours)” and associate it with a new Calendar (e.g. called “Night Shift“) that has working hours outside normal working hours. Make the new task template similar to the “Any Other Maintenance” task.

2. Mark this unplanned task as a “Universal task” (on Frequency>Unplanned tab) so that it can be associated with any equipment or location as needed when using “Breakdowns/ Requests“. Also check off the check box “Create separate work orders for each equipment/ location associated with this task” in the task template.

3. Any ad-hoc jobs that need to be done outside working hours can now be done by selecting “Any Other Maintenance (After Hours)” in the “Requests/ Breakdowns” screen.

Reporting such unplanned maintenance

You can now do various reports using the task “Any Other Maintenance (After Hours)” as a filter/ criteria.


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