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Receive & process maintenance work requests


When things break down or are not working properly I get a lot of maintenance work requests from external users and customers. Right now it is becoming rather tedious with receiving phone calls and calling back people. How can I easily get these requests as well as keep the request submitter updated about the status?


How to use FastMaint to better manage this

You can create and process work requests in FastMaint Professional/ Web/ Cloud editions. External users (e.g. equipment operators, customers, etc.) can use work requests to submit requests for maintenance work to be done. Such requests need to be reviewed by maintenance administrator/ maintenance supervisor.

Receiving maintenance work requests

Maintenance requests can be submitted by using a browser (the external user will need FastMaint access for this) or by email (no FastMaint access needed). To submit work requests by email you need to turn this on in the settings (see how to do this below). You can also turn on email alerts when a work request is submitted or processed.

Processing maintenance work requests

The maintenance administrator/ maintenance supervisor opens up the list of work requests and assigns them to work orders/ rejects them. Change the work request status to “Assigned” and you can now enter the work order number or create a new work order. The maintenance administrator/ maintenance supervisor do not need to create work requests themselves as they can directly create work orders (New / Add work order). If more information is needed they can email back the work requester for clarifications.

Sending confirmations & work updates

In addition you can specify that the work request submitter is kept updated of the status of the work request by email. So they will get an email confirmation when the work request is received, when it is assigned to a work order, when completed and so on. In addition they can reply back to the confirmation emails to update the work request with additional comments. These comments will be automatically picked up from the emails and copied into the work request. That way you do not have to go through each email and do this manually!

Work Request Setting

1. Professional edition:

Administration menu, Settings sub-menu, Requests tab.

Note that you will need the add-on web based work request module if users want to submit work requests using a web browser or wish to check request status. If you are interested in trying out this add-on module for Professional edition please contact us.

2. Web/ Cloud edition:

Home page, Administration tab, System Configuration, Work Requests tab.

Note that you will need give the user a login account if users want to submit work requests using a web browser or wish to check request status. The only thing external users with a login account are supposed to be able to do is create new requests, close their own work requests (cancel them) or check the status of their requests. By default members of the “Basic Users” group are treated as external users of the system (non-maintenance personnel).

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