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Cannot change the work order planned date?

Except for unplanned work orders which are scheduled as needed, the work order planned date for other types of work orders is fixed and cannot be changed once the work order is created. Work order planned dates are calculated from the task frequency settings. Effectively the “Planned Date” represents the maintenance plan you put together.

With a fixed planned date you can analyze how effective your maintenance plan is by comparing work order planned dates with work order duration and work order completion dates. The way to do this analysis is to use the “Work Order Analysis Report“. The “Work Order Analysis Report” is available under the “Reports” menu, “Maintenance” sub-menu.

The “Work Order Analysis Report” offers a couple of report templates for analysis.

1. Breakdown Vs Preventive template:

This allows you to compare the performance of breakdown vs. preventive maintenance work orders. The template has a chart “Average Days To Complete Work Order“. This chart shows the average days between work order “Planned” date and “Completed” date. The value of (Completed – Planned date) can be negative since the work order can be completed before the planned date. Too many negative values OR unexpectedly high positive values means that the plan needs to be fixed. You need to check all maintenance tasks and see if you are scheduling them properly.

2. Cost And Duration Variance template:

This allows you to track the variance (difference) between the duration and costs estimated from the task templates vs. the actual duration and costs on the work orders. If you see too much variance it means you need to fix the plan. You should check all maintenance tasks and see if you are estimating time and cost properly.


Besides the above built-in templates you can create your own custom report templates for further analysis.

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