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Compare CMMS programs – FastMaint editions

FastMaint comes in four editions – Standard, Professional, Web & Cloud. You install the first three in your premises.

1) FastMaint Standard edition is for a single user only to be installed on one computer.

2) FastMaint Professional the multi-user networked edition. You install it on each computer that requires access OR on a shared network drive from which users can run it.

The add-on web based work request module for FastMaint Professional allows users who do not have FastMaint Professional installed to use a web browser to submit work requests & check their status.

3) FastMaint Web the multi-user web edition. You install it on a computer that will run the web server. It comes with a built-in web server (or you can use Microsoft’s Internet Information Server). Users will use a web browser to access FastMaint. You do not need to install anything on their computers.

4) FastMaint Cloud is FastMaint Web that we run on our servers for which you pay a monthly subscription. So installation & updates are handled by us.

Note that in our documentation FastMaint Standard is also called Standard, FastMaint Professional is also called Professional, FastMaint Web is also called Web and FastMaint Cloud is also called Cloud.

Annual maintenance – what does it give you?

Annual maintenance is an optional add-on to your FastMaint license. It is renewable every year and gives you updates & support for 12 months.

Without annual maintenance you get 30 days of limited support after purchase.

With annual maintenance you also get updates. So if you have say version 11 with annual maintenance that has not expired, you can upgrade to version 12 at no additional charge (download only delivery).

Another big benefit with annual maintenance is that you just pay the price difference to upgrade from one edition to another. For instance upgrading from Standard to Professional or Web editions.

Without annual maintenance you get a reducing upgrade credit for prior purchases. This reducing credit drops to zero one year after purchase.

Note that the FastMaint Cloud subscription includes maintenance.


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