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tracking equipment availability

Equipment Availability Is Not The Best Metric To Track!

You want to measure total equipment downtime. Equipment availability especially when expressed as a percent can mislead. For example the equipment downtime doubles from say hundred hours to two hundred hours. However, you may just see a small percent drop in equipment availability if you have many equipment.
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cartoon maintenance contractorIf you are responsible for managing maintenance at a large facility or industrial plant you will be handling a lot of requests for maintenance work. Most will be for emergency or breakdown maintenance. Here the requester wants an immediate fix. Others will be for planned maintenance. Here the requester will want you to do maintenance that keeps equipment running in top condition. For example changing filters, oil changes, calibration and so on.

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maintenance worker with maintenance calendar

Preventive maintenance is low on the totem pole!

Working with operations to create a preventive maintenance schedule for vital equipment & facilities can become a challenge for maintenance  managers. Breakdown maintenance is a priority since equipment needs to be up and running again. However, regular preventive maintenance is essential to keep equipment running smoothly and within operational limits. Continue reading

equipment retirements with maintenance software

Should you just replace old equipment?

Many organizations have equipment that is several years old, maybe even several decades old. In fact there are quite a few that still use machines that are over a hundred years old!

Just because equipment is old does not automatically mark it for replacement. There are several factors to consider when to finally bid goodbye to a piece of equipment.
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What Is A Workflow?

setting up maintenance management workflowsA workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activity enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes that transform materials, provide services, or process information. (source Wikipedia)

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CMMS Software Can Make A Difference

cmms software featuresE.I. DuPont de Nemours Co. (Delaware) reported that “The largest, single controllable expenditure in a plant is maintenance, and in many plants the maintenance budget exceeds annual net profit.” (1996)

Maintenance planners and maintenance managers are responsible for making sure that equipment and/ or facilities are properly maintained and function as needed. Keeping track of such maintenance can be a chore when there is a lot of equipment and/or facilities to maintain. Continue reading

equipment breakdown maintenance and repair

Problem Equipment May Not Be Obvious

As an operations manager or maintenance manager you will regularly look for problem equipment. These cause frequent shutdowns or incur big maintenance costs. When you have hundreds of equipment it can be hard to do. For this equipment breakdown reports or similar asset maintenance reports from your maintenance management software will be helpful.

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maintenance technician doing preventive maintenance on equipment

Many equipment assets = A preventive maintenance headache!

Let’s consider tips for preventive maintenance as a follow on to our prior post “7 Breakdown Maintenance Planning Tips With CMMS Software“. When you need to manage maintenance of a large number of equipment it can become difficult to create a good preventive maintenance plan. Reactive maintenance aka breakdown maintenance tends to dominate. Preventive maintenance gets delayed and sometime not done at all! Here are a seven tips to help improve preventive maintenance planning.

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less breakdown maintenance means a happy maintenance supervisor!

Is a breakdown maintenance plan even possible?

How can one plan for breakdown maintenance which by its very nature is unpredictable?  However, there are some things that you can do to make your maintenance team more effective in handling unplanned equipment breakdowns and other maintenance emergencies. Continue reading