Glossary Of Terms Used For Maintenance Management Programs

Various different terms are used with maintenance management software which can sometimes be quite confusing! If you are not sure there is a match with your needs see if you can get an online demo / trial or even download the software. You can then try out the software program and see how it will work for you!


Here are some of the phrases you may see used with FastMaint CMMS:

Note: The name is “FastMaint” not “Fast Maint” (no spaces).

“Building maintenance software” meant to be used for buildings & facilities maintenance. May also provide support for maintenance work request management,


The full name of these type of programs is “Computerized maintenance management software” or CMMS software for short!


Enterprise asset management software” suitable for maintenance of assets like equipment and facilities.


Equipment maintenance software” meant to help you handle breakdown and preventive maintenance of equipment.


“Facilities maintenance software” or “facility maintenance software” will handle both equipment & facility maintenance at multiple facilities or single facility. They usually have support for handling maintenance work requests. Software like FastMaint that can handle maintenance work requests by email can be very useful.


“fleet maintenance software” good for vehicle fleet maintenance or other types of vehicles e.g a forklift or other industrial vehicles.


“hotel maintenance software” is useful if you want to manage maintenance at your hotel, resort or restaurant. You do want a maintenance package like FastMaint that can be used to handle maintenance of both equipment & facilities.


“housekeeping software” may or may not have any maintenance oriented functions.


equipment maintenance software” if you are looking at maintenance on your machine tools & other equipment. Useful if it has facility maintenance features since you may need to schedule maintenance on assembly lines or work stations.


“maintenance management software” for equipment maintenance & facilities maintenance.


“maintenance software” is another name but make sure it is for equipment maintenance!


“maintenance system software” will be targeted at maintenance management


“maintenance tracking software” good for work order management.


“plant maintenance software” suitable for industrial manufacturing plants.


“predictive maintenance software” to help predict when maintenance may be due.


“preventative maintenance software programs” or even “preventive maintenance software” for planned maintenance or scheduled maintenance of planned maintenance work orders.


“property maintenance software” suitable for maintenance of facilities & buildings


“restaurant maintenance software” for corrective and planned maintenance of hospitality facilities.


“sanitation scheduling software” meant for sewage treatment plants.


“vehicle maintenance software” if you want to deal with fleet maintenance of different types of vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, etc.).


maintenance work order software” is another name sometimes used for asset management software used for corrective and preventive maintenance scheduling programs.


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