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FastMaint CMMS – Maintenance software program (PM scheduling) for:

Preventative Maintenance Software - FastMaint CMMS

  • industrial plant maintenance
  • commercial building & facility maintenance
  • utility maintenance (e.g. water/ sewer/ power)
  • vehicle fleet maintenance
  • enterprise asset management
  • hotel & restaurant maintenance
  • field service management
  • general equipment maintenance

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FastMaint CMMS software is not just for your PM schedule but also managing your corrective maintenance. It is a useful tool for maintenance managers and maintenance planners providing inventory management and task management tools as well as the ability to create preventive maintenance checklists for your enterprise assets. With the current emphasis on reliability centered maintenance and total productive maintenance you need tools like FastMaint to achieve your goals.


I like your program because it’s easy to maintain and it’s SIMPLE!

Alex Ghita (Technical Manager) (more customer testimonials …)


Why use FastMaint CMMS?

  • Designed for maintenance teams from 1 to 100+ users
  • Easy upgrade from Single Windows User to Networked to Web editions
  • Use with Microsoft SQL Server OR built in Microsoft Access database
  • Unplanned (breakdown) & planned (preventive) maintenance work order management
  • Reduce breakdown/ emergency maintenance 
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Affordably priced starting from US $1600 one-time (Standard Edition)


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1. Planned Preventive Maintenance. What Does It Mean & How To Do It

Breakdown maintenance will hurt you! The equipment and machines used for production are a manufacturing or industrial operation’s lifeblood. Equipment shutdowns means products not being made or delivered to customers. So it is important to keep them up and running. Waiting until a piece of equipment shows signs of trouble can seriously impact production. This in turn, impacts your bottom line.

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2. Ways To Schedule Preventive Maintenance For Equipment & Machinery

Preventive or preventative maintenance (PM) is a frequently overlooked aspect of maintenance management. Nearly every equipment needs some kind of regular maintenance. This reduces the chance of unexpected failure or repetitive breakdowns. Equipment downtime results in big costs due to lost production, variable product quality and poor customer satisfaction. Preventive maintenance can be a simple as doing a weekly check, to replacing a machine once it has done some number of run-hours.

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3. CMMS Software Selection Tips – What Should You Be Looking For?

Maintenance management covers a wide area since regular maintenance is required for a variety of assets. A maintenance management program is not only useful in locations with a lot of machines (e.g. manufacturing plants, mining operations, etc.). It is also useful where you have a lot of facilities needing maintenance (hotel, resorts, restaurants) as well as those with other equipment (e.g. utilities, vehicle fleets).

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