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Why use FastMaint CMMS maintenance scheduling software?

FastMaint CMMS Maintenance Scheduling Software

  • Easy to use maintenance management software. Hours not days to set it up!
  • Import equipment, facilities, spares and more for fast setup
  • Maintenance scheduling by dates, meter readings, alarms and more
  • Receive & track work requests from non-maintenance employees or customers
  • Manage facilities, equipment, spare parts, purchases, etc.
  • Maintenance software useful for organizations of all sizes
  • Available with one-time fee (download on your computers) OR monthly cloud CMMS subscription

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Work scheduling & planning software features

Maintenance managers will like the combined asset tracking of equipment & facilities. Create corrective and preventive maintenance plans. Useful for onsite maintenance as well as field service management.

  • Create & schedule all types of maintenance jobs with the same simple maintenance program interface. Schedule unplanned maintenance due to equipment breakdowns as needed. Schedule regular maintenance on equipment by time (say every three months) or by meter readings on the equipment (say every 10,000 miles).
  • Print pictures and detailed instructions on work orders to help technicians perform maintenance jobs correctly.
  • Track parts used and inventory availability to reduce out of stock situations.
  • Workload balancing helps identify & fix scheduling problems in your maintenance plans.
  • Automatically track maintenance costs on different equipment.
  • Use History reports to review past maintenance work done as well as identify work that was missed.
  • Have all of your equipment and information related to that equipment in one place
  • Enter warranty information, pictures and links to other documents on each equipment record in the Equipment Comments field.
  • Easy report writing. No programming required


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1. Equipment Maintenance Calendars & Scheduling Preventive Maintenance

When you have several hundred equipment it can be hard to get an idea of preventive maintenance that is due for all the different equipment. This is where reports from your CMMS/ maintenance software can be quite helpful. You may find a report called Equipment Maintenance Calendar or Maintenance Calendar. Use it to get an idea of preventative maintenance due in the coming months week by week.

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2. Ways To Schedule Preventive Maintenance For Equipment & Machinery

Scheduling preventative maintenance (PM) is a frequently overlooked aspect of maintenance management. Nearly every equipment needs some kind of regular maintenance. This reduces the chance of unexpected failure or repetitive breakdowns. Equipment downtime results in big costs due to lost production, variable product quality and poor customer satisfaction.

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