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Using FastMaint Standard/ Professional over the Internet


Is it possible to install FastMaint on my computer/ server and access it over the Internet using something like the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?


Microsoft Windows supports Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). The simplest case is to run RDP services on your computer (more information from Microsoft). You can then connect to your computer over a local area network or Internet (say from home or when you travel) using any device that supports an RDP client (e.g. your Windows laptop, an iPad or Android tablet running an app like PocketCloud, etc.). Other alternatives are something like GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, etc. This solution is good when you only have a few users who need remote access. If you have many users who need remote access a server type solution explained below will be better.

Note: If all users/ computers are on a fast shared LAN (local area network), doing an install on a shared folder or network drive on a server computer will be a simpler option (scroll down to Related Issues below for more information). Users can run FastMaint off this shared folder without installing FastMaint on their computer.

Server based solutions:

You can also use a third party product that runs terminal services to allow multiple users to access FastMaint Professional installed on a Windows server over the Internet or a over a network. These platforms will allow you to make other desktop applications available in a similar way, not just FastMaint. Examples of such products are Citrix XenApp, Windows Terminal Server and TSPlus (https://tsplus.net/). TSPlus may be a good choice if you want a lower cost solution. They have a trial version you can download and try out.

If you use either of the above options (RDP/ third-party software) please be aware that we can offer you very limited support in terms of installation, configuration and troubleshooting since we do not have much experience with these platforms. You will need to contact the vendors of these platforms for assistance.

License Restrictions:

The FastMaint Standard license is for a single user on a single computer. If you use these third-party products to provide remote desktop access to FastMaint Standard it should be only for the single person associated with the license. Similar restrictions on the number of users who can access FastMaint exist with FastMaint Professional licenses based on the license type.

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