FastMaint CMMS Software For Facility & Equipment Maintenance

Easy to use & fast to setup. Emergency maintenance & preventive maintenance weeks, months & years in advance.

Why Get FastMaint CMMS software?

FastMaint CMMS Software For Maintenance Management
  • Powerful. Manage breakdown & preventive maintenance of hundreds to thousands of equipment
  • Stand alone program. So simple to rollout for small to mid-size teams
  • Save time. Import equipment, facilities, spare parts from Excel spreadsheets for fast setup
  • All included. Manage spare parts, vendors, re-ordering & purchases
  • Many options. For one-time fee (download). Or a monthly Cloud subscription
  • Easy to setup & use. Comes with features others make you pay extra for

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Why Customers Think FastMaint CMMS Is Great

I am not a computer person, but your system is so user friendly, that even for a computer illiterate like my self, it was fairly easy to create rows and cells with spaces for initials, signatures and dates to comply with such strict requirements (referring to FDA requirements).

Don Peterson (Maintenance Manager)

I had the program up and running in minutes. Issuing work orders couldn’t be any easier, and the program’s other features are just as intuitive.

Peter Silverstein, Plant Manager, Koster Keunen

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FastMaint CMMS software Benefits & Features

Maintenance planning & maintenance scheduling made easy!

maintenance made easier with an equipment/ facilities hierarchy
Create an equipment hierarchy

Use FastMaint to manage maintenance of equipment. Also manage maintenance of facilities (locations). In addition keep track of maintenance spares & supplies. This is a big source of maintenance costs.

Above all improve equipment reliability and reduce downtime. Reduce maintenance repair & operations costs due to emergency maintenance.

For instance, with FastMaint it is easy for non-maintenance personnel or customers to report maintenance issues. They can submit maintenance requests. No need to roll-out separate work request software to hundreds of users!

In addition, there are many easy to understand and customizable reports. Pick out causes of failure. Get ideas for fixes.

What FastMaint CMMS can help you solve:

  1. Struggling to get unplanned maintenance under control?
  2. Preventive maintenance being missed or skipped?
  3. Requests for maintenance being dropped or mishandled?
  4. Need to audit maintenance work done? Need reports on maintenance done in the past?

How hard is it to setup the maintenance software? How much time will it take?

Import maintenance data
Import equipment from Excel spreadsheet

FastMaint is easy to setup!

You can bring in much of your equipment, parts, maintenance tasks and so on. Import the data from comma delimited files. Most other software can export to this format. This can save you much time. Less data entry to do!

In addition there is a powerful clone feature for many items. For instance this allows you to create say a single equipment and make multiple copies. Enter a single pump. Then make as many copies of this pump as you have on site.

Also define custom fields to add more data on each item. For example on an equipment. You could add fields like original purchase date, price, manufacturer’s warranty details and so on.

Get control of unplanned maintenance

Work order list showing job status
Work order list showing job status
Is the maintenance team always in firefighting mode due to emergency maintenance?

With FastMaint keep track of all maintenance work done on an equipment or location. Use this historical data. Look for the most common equipment failures. Find what may be the causes and fix them!

Define standard maintenance routines for many types of equipment: Use these routines (aka tasks) as templates to create work orders as needed. So even if different maintenance technicians do the work, it is done correctly.

Improve spare parts availability: Spares and supplies out of stock? This makes equipment hard to fix in time. Use FastMaint to keep track of spares and supplies. Know when to re-order them.

Equipment downtime
Track equipment downtime

Keep track of equipment downtime and repair costs: Use this data to find the most critical equipment. Also find what is costing you the most.

This information is critical. With it you can make more educated decisions. Decisions on replacing equipment or looking for alternatives. Also find common causes of equipment failure. Many may be easy to fix!

All this helps reduce equipment downtime. Get better production efficiency. Also get less operations issues.

Get control of preventive maintenance

Create preventive maintenance schedule
Set a maintenance job frequency

Not able to complete or schedule preventive maintenance on time? Preventive maintenance being skipped or forgotten?

Use FastMaint to setup preventive maintenance plans for equipment in a many ways. Share these maintenance routines easily across different equipment.

Keep track of work orders. Get reminders on pending or incomplete work. In addition, automatically email pending work orders to maintenance technicians. Also send out automatic reminders to them about overdue work orders!

Receive & track maintenance work requests

Edit work request
Update a maintenance work request

Do non-maintenance employees or customers have a way to report maintenance problems? Do they need a way to request maintenance?

No need for separate maintenance request software!

FastMaint makes it easy for them to send such requests by email. FastMaint can automatically pick up such emails. It can create work requests from them.

Then the maintenance administrator can make these work requests into work orders. In addition work requesters can get updates about the work status by email. They will know when a request is completed or delayed. So you will get less support calls!

Lots of reports for management

Maintenance statistics changes over time
Maintenance statistics changes over time

Do senior managers have no idea of the maintenance status? Worries about costs or equipment downtime?

FastMaint offers many reports. They make it easy to share maintenance program status.

For example there is the one-page Statistics report. Get status at a glance. See how the maintenance team is doing. Compare the current period vs prior periods. Easily find areas of concern or improvement. For example see which equipment is costing the most. The most in terms of breakdowns. Or the most in terms of preventive maintenance. And so on.

You can tailor many reports to suit your needs. Add your logos, insert custom fields and more!

Audit work done

Looking for proof that work was done as planned?

FastMaint offers a variety of reports. Look up work orders done on an machine or facility. So quickly find missed work. Or find work orders that may have had problems during completion. Drill down by equipment, location, maintenance technician and more. Provide printouts. Or email PDF reports of work done.

Not sure what to start with?

Setup maintenance calendars (mobile screen)
Setup maintenance calendar (mobile screen example)

FastMaint Cloud is a good choice since it provides many advanced features out of the box. You often will have to pay extra for these elsewhere!

Since we maintain & host it, you do not need to IT resources to set up servers, databases, shared folders and so on. You can have multiple users or just one user.

Set up your preventive maintenance tasks. Then FastMaint Cloud can automatically create work orders for these tasks. In addition it can email them out to maintenance personnel automatically. Maintenance personnel can complete these work orders and close them out by replying to the email.

In addition non-FastMaint Cloud users can submit work requests by email. These requests can be made into work orders that get emailed out too. The work requester can get automatic updates as these work orders are done. So reduce follow-up and maintenance support time!

How much does it cost? Monthly subscriptions start at $100/ month per user. This is much less than the costs of maintenance emergencies, lost production and unhappy customers.

Best of all this price includes many features. Features that our competitors charge extra for. For instance work requests, purchase orders, maintenance parts & supplies management, customizable reports and more.

Get a free trial of FastMaint Cloud today. No credit card needed!

The trial comes with support for multiple users. So that you and colleagues can try it together!

See for yourself why so many customers worldwide like FastMaint CMMS.

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