Fast Maint – FastMaint CMMS software for equipment maintenance?

FastMaint CMMS preventive maintenance software - Download

Why FastMaint CMMS software is a good maintenance solution

  • EASY to use, FAST to setup, NO training required
  • Designed for maintenance teams from one to over a hundred people
  • Easily move from stand alone to networked editions as your needs change
  • Use Microsoft SQL Server or built in Microsoft Access for your maintenance data
  • Prices start from $995
  • 30-DAY TRIAL available for download



Quickly set up maintenance programs for

  • manufacturing plant maintenance
  • facility & building maintenance
  • fleet maintenance
  • enterprise asset maintenance
  • hotel & restaurant maintenance
  • general equipment & machinery

FastMaint CMMS is available in four editions

Basic edition – a single user maintenance program for very small installations.

Standard edition – a single user maintenance program for larger installations.

Professional edition – multi-user maintenance program that can work with Microsoft’s Access or SQL Server databases. This gives you a migration path as your team size and number of equipment increase. Switch from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server when you need more database power but still keep the same, familiar FastMaint CMMS software interface.

Web edition – multi-user maintenance program that can work with Microsoft’s Access or SQL Server databases. Install it on your server and access it using a web browser.

Please visit the “Demos/ Downloads” page to get a FREE 30-day trial of the maintenance software. You should be able to install and start using FastMaint CMMS in a few minutes.

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