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Forklift Maintenance With FastMaint CMMS

Use FastMaint CMMS to manage maintenance of both forklift fleets as well as other equipment assets. For instance, create corrective and preventive maintenance plans for equipment based on different criteria. Certainly very useful for maintenance management at industrial plants, warehouses & other commercial facilities. In addition keep track of maintenance costs, warranties & more.

One of the easiest CMMS programs to setup and use. The ability to add photos and drawings to parts and equipment in FastMaint is a blessing. This is often a option in other CMMS packages. Reports, Work Orders and Purchase Orders are very professional in appearance and functionality.

Craig Still
Maintenance Manager, Middletown Industrial, Inc

Benefits To Using FastMaint For Forklift Maintenance

    • Easy to use maintenance software. FAST to setup

    • Easily plan work & find missed maintenance

    • Plan maintenance by date, meter readings, alarms and more

    • Forklift operators can submit & track work requests

    • Manage equipment, spare parts and purchases, etc.

    • Maintenance program for big & small companies

    • Get for one-time fee (download on your computer) OR monthly cloud CMMS subscription

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