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Run-time error 419 permission to use object denied

This error could be due to two reasons:

1. The first one is when the computers on which FastMaint is installed are locked down by the IT Department. Users may not be allowed to install software or change settings. The person who installs FastMaint may have full rights and will be able to use FastMaint but when the person who will actually use FastMaint logs on, they will see this error. The fix is to ensure that the FastMaint user has at least read and execute rights on the WINNT (or WINDOWS) and WINNTSYSTEM32 (or WINDOWSSYSTEM32) directory and full access rights to the FastMaint install directory. Also check that the individual files in this directory do not have restricted rights (they sometimes do not inherit settings when the directory rights are changed).

2. The second reason is that other software may have been installed or uninstalled on this computer. FastMaint uses many Microsoft Windows components. If any of these are removed/ overwritten by another program it may cause FastMaint to have errors. Try to reinstall FastMaint and see if the problem goes away.

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