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Login password to use. Reset the administrator password


I installed FastMaint. Now when I start it, it asks me for a password. What password should I use?


When you first start using FastMaint Web or FastMaint Professional editions, the system will ask you to specify a password for the “admin” account. Make sure that the password contains only the lowercase letters from the English alphabet (a-z) and/ or numbers (0-9). It should not contain any uppercase letters (A-Z) and should not be longer than 10 characters (20 characters for FastMaint v12 and above). You will need to use this password the next time you use FastMaint.

If you have forgotten what you entered, try passwords you normally would use (most people seem to have a few favorite passwords). If you originally set it up with a password longer than 10 characters, try logging on by entering the first 10 characters ONLY (20 characters for FastMaint v12 and above). If this fails you will need to reset the administrator account password OR uninstall and reinstall the software to start afresh. You can use the software installer you downloaded previously to reinstall the software. It will automatically give you a new 30-day trial.

Reset Administrator Password:

1. FastMaint Professional (version 5.2 and earlier): If you have already purchased FastMaint and have data in the database that you do not wish to lose, please contact support@smglobal.com. The database will need to be sent to us for the password to be reset (service charges apply).

2. FastMaint Professional (version 5.3 and later): To reset the administrator account password, open a command line window ( click the Windows “Start” button and in the search box in the Start menu enter the word “command” and press the “Enter” key). In the command window change the folder to the FastMaint install directory (usually c:Program Filesfastmaint OR on 64-bit systems C:Program Files (x86)fastmaint). You can use the “cd” command to change folders e.g. at the command prompt enter cd “C:Program Files (x86)fastmaint” and press the Enter key. In the FastMaint install directory there will be a file “fastmaint.exe”. Enter the following command at the command prompt and press the Enter key to run FastMaint with the reset flag:

fastmaint.exe -reset

This will start FastMaint Professional with the administrator account (“admin” user) password cleared out. You can login as “admin” with no password. At this point you will have to enter a new password.

3. FastMaint Web: Open the FastMaint Web database. In the table “sm_user” clear out the “Password” field corresponding to the administrator account. This will be the “admin” user account by default unless you have changed it. Once done, start FastMaint Web and login as the administrator with no password.

Note: See the Related Issues list below for more information. If you do not know where the database is located see how to backup your database. If you are not sure how to open the database see how to open your database with another program.

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