Tutorials: FastMaint CMMS Maintenance Management Software

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maintenance management workflows

Video Tutorials

Quick Start: Learn How To Use FastMaint

1. How to enter data & setup the software (5 min.)

Standard/ Professional

Web/ Cloud

2. How to create work orders & close them (5 min.)

Standard/ Professional

Web/ Cloud

3. Useful reports & how to use them (3 min.)

Standard/ Professional

Web/ Cloud

Exploring Features

1. Installation: How to install & setup the software(see Knowledgebase for troubleshooting, other options)




2. Equipment: Equipment: Add Equipment (Machinery/ Vehicles/ etc.)

3. Locations: Add Locations (Buildings/ Rooms/ Stores)

4. Parts: Add Maintenance Supplies And Spares

5. People: Add Maintenance Technicians/ Sub-Contractors

6. Tasks: Add Preventive & Unplanned Maintenance Tasks, Create Work Orders

7. Planning: Schedule & Email/ Print Weekly/ Daily Work Orders

8. Email: Process Work Requests & Work Order Updates Sent By Email / Text


Web/ Cloud

9. Fast Feedback: Update Multiple Work Orders At A Time

10. Setup: Using The Clone Function For Faster Data Entry

11. Import: Bring In New Data Or Update Existing Data

12. Custom Fields: Define New Data Fields In The System

13. Customize Reports: How To Customize Existing Reports

14. Users: Managing User Accounts And Group Rights

15. Purchase Orders: Create Purchase Orders For Parts And Supplies

Help – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are also available in the program help file. You can see a series of step-by-step examples in the Help FAQ.

  1. See FAQ in FastMaint Standard/ Professional
  2. See FAQ in FastMaint Web/ Cloud

Still have questions/ Want to see other examples?

Please contact us if any of the steps seem unclear or you have other questions. If there are other examples you want to see, please tell us so that we can add them to the above list. You may also wish to visit the Support Center for a variety of useful articles.

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