Resort & Hotel Maintenance Case Study – The Cove of Lake Geneva (Wisconsin)

FastMaint Delivers Organizational & Billing Benefits for Vacation-Condo Hotel

194 Suite Vacation Condo Hotel Keeps Maintenance Tasks on Schedule & Simplifies Owner Billing With FastMaint Software Program

Office Manager Asia Matelli says she appreciates FastMaint for the way it keeps her condominium hotel’s maintenance department on schedule with necessary tasks.

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“Since I can be pulled into different departments at any given time, I can now be confident the maintenance crew is keeping busy and completing the assigned work orders thanks to FastMaint,” Matelli said.

She added that her company has been using the software for five years and that it has proven to be a key cog in keeping The Cove of Lake Geneva, a 194-unit condominium hotel, looking and functioning at its best.

How FastMaint Works:

This state-of-the-art software tracks maintenance tasks so that scheduled maintenance is done on time and to a high standard. One way FastMaint ensures high maintenance performance is by making it easy for workers to access important documents, lists, and guides. This prevents them from wasting time searching for the documents or trying to perform the maintenance without them and possibly missing a key step.

Matelli says FastMaint has also proven beneficial because it simplifies owner billing and inventory.

FastMaint users can utilize the software to manage inventory, vendors, maintenance tasks, purchasing and reordering, and much more.

Other Benefits Received:

Matelli cited some very specific benefits she has received from the use of FastMaint. Those benefits include:

All-in-One-Spot Job Tracking –

Matelli says she can instantly see how a job is progressing by simply logging into the software. FastMaint tracks jobs from the initial work request to completion. It also shows who performed the job and how long it took them. All of this important information is available with a few mouse clicks instead of having to use the phone or email.

Inventory/Price Tracking –

As stated earlier, Matelli has found that FastMaint’s inventory and price tracking have been very beneficial when it comes to billing owners for maintenance work. What could potentially be slow and frustrating is now quick and easy thanks to FastMaint.

Detailed Reports –

Matelli was also quick to point out that FastMaint allows users to create detailed reports with ease. Thanks to FastMaint’s report generation capabilities Matelli doesn’t have to search for information or record it manually. Now she can quickly produce reports that allow her to stay on top of what is happening at the condominium.

Ease of Use –

One more thing Matelli appreciates is how easy FastMaint is to use. The program boasts a simple, intuitive user interface that doesn’t require training that can eat into valuable work time. The software can be used right away and users can learn more about important features as they get used to working with FastMaint.

The Bottom Line …

Matelli says she uses FastMaint for five to seven hours a week and that it has become a key tool that allows her to do her job to the best of her ability.

She says she would highly recommend the software to others looking to better manage maintenance tasks and also enjoy other features, like inventory and pricing management.

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“FastMaint has been a key tool for the maintenance department, the team always knows what to do based on the assigned work orders,” Matelli said. “It is also a huge necessity to know what to charge the owners as Fast Maintenance has the inventory and pricing capabilities.”

Matelli added that her condominium is currently using an older version of the FastMaint software but that she is looking forward to upgrading and enjoying even more features.

“As of now, we are running on an older version due to our very old computer server,” Matelli said. “However, we are getting a new server soon so I’m looking forward to using the new version!”

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