Maintenance Tips Booklet

Does your maintenance program suffer from one or more of the following problems?

  • You are reacting to one emergency after another – firefighting each one
  • You have none or very little time for preventive maintenance
  • Everyone plays the “blame” game
  • Your maintenance people get no respect for the work they do
  • Your maintenance people find it very hard to meet deadlines
  • Long working hours are causing maintenance team burnout
  • Senior management is dissatisfied or believes that the
    maintenance program costs too much

Maintenance Management - Tips for success

“Maintenance Management – Tips For Success” is a handy little e-booklet packed with over 50 useful tips that can help you improve the effectiveness & quality of your maintenance program.

Size: 15 pages. Price: $10/copy.

Format: PDF (requires free Adobe Reader from
Get useful hints that can help:

  • better identify maintenance program goals
  • plan a quality maintenance program
  • improve management skills
  • improve status reporting
  • improve work estimation & scheduling
  • improve relations with other departments

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