Commercial Facility Maintenance Case Study – One Penn Management

Thompson Says This Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is Easy to Use and a Terrific Value

Mathew Thompson, Chief of Operations at One Penn Management, says his team was originally using an accounting software that had a CMMS module “almost as an afterthought” to manage maintenance tasks.

Mathew Thompson, Chief of Operations reviews FastMaint CMMS

But Thompson knew that was an inefficient solution that was costing him and his team valuable time, so he turned to FastMaint.

“I did extensive research and having previously used FastMaint at a building in New York City, I knew it was simple to set up and easy to maintain,” Thompson said. “I was confident it would work well for us and with FastMaint you weren’t paying for stuff you didn’t need. Everything else I looked at seemed a bit bloated to me.”

How FastMaint Works:

FastMaint is a state-of-the-art maintenance management program that allows users to quickly and easily manage not only maintenance tasks but also vendors, inventory, purchasing, reordering and more.

The software also allows users to easily attach documentation and website address to maintenance to save research time. The program is also easy to use and doesn’t require an extensive training to use. It is a program that can really be used “right out of the box.”

Benefits Received by One Penn Management:

Thompson was quick to identify a number of different benefits his company has received during the 10+ years that it has been using FastMaint. Some of the benefits include:

Simple Set-up – Thompson says One Penn has close to 1,000 pieces of equipment located in its building at One Penn Center at Suburban Station in the heart of Center City, Philadelphia. He says that is why it was vital for him to choose a software program that could be populated easily and quickly. FastMaint is certainly that, he says.

Top-Notch Support – While many software programs come with minimal support, FastMaint is just the opposite. It offers fast, responsive support whenever any questions or issues may arise. However, Thompson says users may not need that support considering how easy the software is to use. Thompson says that while he is no computer genius he needed zero support in setting up his database and getting the software up and running.

Simple Changes – Another benefit Thompson drew attention to is the fact that FastMaint allows users to make changes in one category that carry through to all categories. This can be a tremendous time and frustration saver.

Easy User Interface – Thompson said he loves the FastMaint user interface for its simplicity and efficiency. “It literally took me minutes to show my maintenance staff and management staff how to interact with the software,” he said.

Reliability – FastMaint is extremely robust and never crashes, Thompson said. “I’ve seen other products crash and stay crashed – in fact, I’ve seen that with both the other CMMSs I’ve used. But with FastMaint data has never been lost.”

Licensing – One more benefit that Thompson wanted to draw attention to is the FastMaint Licensing Policy. Thompson said he appreciates having the ability to purchase the software outright. “While a license may be beneficial to the software manufacturer, I really don’t see the need. I like that FastMaint provides both options,” Thompson said.

The Bottom Line …

Thompson says his team regularly saves 7 hours a week thanks to its use of FastMaint. “The additional time is spent addressing issues in the building or completing important projects (like painting),” he says.

That’s another big reason why Thompson considers getting FastMaint one of the best decisions he’s made.

“I purchased FastMaint over a decade ago and having gained experience with other products along the way, purchased FastMaint again for use at One Penn Management,” Thompson said. “Of the three CMMS products I’ve used, FastMaint is the most user friendly and best value for money without sacrificing quality.

That’s why Thompson says, “If you want a CMMS that is robust, simple to use and priced well within any budget then take a long hard look at FastMaint.”

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