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One of the easiest CMMS programs to setup and use. The ability to add photos and drawings to parts and equipment in FastMaint is a blessing. This is often a option in other CMMS packages. Reports, Work Orders and Purchase Orders are very professional in appearance and functionality.

Craig Still, Maintenance Manager, Middletown Industrial, Inc

Why Use FastMaint CMMS Maintenance Software?

FastMaint CMMS Maintenance Scheduling Software
  • Fast to setup, easy to use. Import data from Excel spreadsheets
  • For breakdown & preventive maintenance. Schedule maintenance days, months, years ahead
  • For small to midsize manufacturing plants, industrial & commercial facilities, utilities and more
  • For a single user to 20+ users
  • From $1800 (one-time, download) or from $100/ month cloud subscription
  • Start your free trial in minutes. No credit card needed

Download or Cloud CMMS software. Over 700 customers worldwide. Many for five years or more! 🙂

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