Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section contains answers to frequently asked questions. You can click on the questions in the tree view to the left OR use the arrow keys above OR click on the links below to go through the different questions.

1.How to import data?

2.Do I need to create a new task every time I want a new work order?

3.How to create a 240 day task?

4.How to create a meter based task?

5.How to create an alarm based task?

6.How can I see past due, current and future work orders?

7.How can I create breakdown/ request work orders?

8.How do I get rid of work orders that were never worked on?

9.How can I print files attached (linked) to a work order or other report?

10.How can I customize a report?

11.How can I sum a numeric field on a report?

12.How do I use barcodes?

13.How do I back up and restore my data?

14.How can I open the database with another program (e.g. Microsoft Access)?

15.Using Microsoft IIS to run FastMaint Web