How can I print files attached (linked) to a work order or other report?

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How can I print files attached (linked) to a work order or other report?

Sometimes you need to print additional information information (e.g. special instructions, manufacturer's recommendations, etc.) along with each work order. These can be added as hyperlinks in comments/ instructions.

      Only links to documents in HTML format can be printed. Links to documents of other types can be viewed when you click on them in the reports if you have the corresponding document viewer installed in your web browser (e.g. for PDF, Word, etc.). However, unless they are in HTML format they will not be printed out. If you have many documents in other formats check if they can be converted to HTML files. Note that Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc. are able to save and edit documents as HTML files.


Make sure that any pictures & links are to files that are in locations available to all users e.g. a public website or shared folder. Otherwise you will be able to access them but others will get errors when trying to access them from some other computer (pictures will not be displayed and links will not work). In the case of pictures and other media files, FastMaint Web offers you the the option to upload them to a shared folder it maintains when you wish to insert an image. You then have an option to select one of these image files when you try to insert images.

1.If you have not already done so, add the hyperlinks to the task instructions or work order comments.

2.When printing (by clicking the appropriate Print button), select the Options tab and then check "Print all linked documents".
The system prints all the linked documents. Note that at the current time this feature is available only in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.