Report Designer

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Report Designer

Select Report, then any report, then click Add/Edit next to Report Template, then Add New or Edit on the list of templates

Report templates are used to generate most reports. You can modify most report templates and also create your own ones. For a step-by-step example see - How can I customize a report?

You can create new fields  for an item (e.g. a new warranty date field for equipment) that can be displayed on the report by selecting Administration, Custom Fields for that specific item type (e.g. equipment) on the Home page.



1.Open the report for editing.
If it's a built in report, FastMaint creates a copy - you can't edit built-in reports!

2.If required, change the report name and description to something more descriptive.

3.If you are an administrator, you can specify if the report template is available only to you or all other users.

4.Edit the template as required, using the Field button to insert fields  - see Editing a Report Template. You can click on the HTML View button to see the report code.

5.Click OK then Add.
The report is now available for use.


Name: Short easy-to-remember name for the report.

Description: Longer description of the report.

Type: Determines which fields are available,

Sub-Type: Determines the layout, e.g. "List".

Owner: Whoever created the report.

Available for: Who can use this report. You need to be an administrator to alter this setting which is available under Groups.

Report Template: See Editing a Report Template.