How to create a meter based task?

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How to create a meter based task?

I want to set up a task that schedules a work order whenever a meter reading changes by some amount. I can specify that an equipment has a meter and use that meter to schedule tasks for that equipment or entirely different equipment. In this case I have a forklift that needs to be serviced every 3000 miles of use.

       First I create an equipment record for the forklift. On the meter tab I check off that it has a meter. Since I am going to be scheduling tasks based on actual use of the forklift, I select the “Actual Use” option. This gives me two options for the meter type – a regular meter that has ascending/ descending readings or a batch meter. Batch meters are useful for industrial equipment where one tracks how much product was made per day e.g. 150 widgets one day, 200 widgets the next day and so on. So you can schedule a task say every time about 1000 widgets have been produced (cumulatively). For the forklift since I am keeping track of the mileage it has, I chose a regular meter type (Ascending/ Descending Readings) as below:



I have already entered some meter readings for the forklift. I can enter them directly here or use the import function to import meter readings in the future.

Next I create a new task for the 3000 mile forklift service. On the Frequency tab I select the meter option. From the Equipment Meter drop-down I select the forklift I just created. I specify that this task is to be done every time the meter readings changes 3000 miles since the task was last done.



I then click on the Equipment tab to associate the task with the equipment that needs the work done. Since I am going to do the service work on the specific forklift I only associate the specific forklift to this task.



Advanced Tip: If I had multiple forklifts e.g. Forklift-2, Forklift-3, etc. I could associate all of them with this task and give each of them a custom frequency based on a meter reading associated with them. So Forklift-2 could have its own meter and I could create a custom frequency association with this forklift by double clicking on the equipment to change the frequency setting from the default as shown below. This is useful when I have a standard maintenance task that has to be done at different frequencies on different equipment.


I save the new task. The Work Orders button will now be enabled. I can click on the Work Orders button to see the work orders this task would generate if I have meter reading entered for this equipment.



Scheduling work orders: Work orders will be scheduled from this task as meter readings are entered for the equipment with the meter. This can be done manually on the equipment screen or by using the import function to import meter readings.