FastMaint CMMS preventive maintenance software - Install CD
  • EASY to use, FAST to setup, NO training required
  • Designed for maintenance teams from one to over a
    hundred people
  • Easily move from stand alone to networked editions as your needs change
  • Use Microsoft SQL Server or built in Microsoft Access for your maintenance data
  • Quickly set up maintenance programs for hotel & restaurant maintenance
  • Prices start from $495
  • 30-DAY TRIAL available for download

Using FastMaint CMMS software for restaurant maintenance:

  • Create & schedule all types of maintenance jobs with the same
    simple interface. Unplanned maintenance due to equipment breakdowns can be
    scheduled as needed. Regular maintenance on equipment & facilities can be scheduled by time (e.g. every
    three months) or by meter readings on the equipment (e.g. every 500 run
    hours, every 100 uses, etc.).
  • Pictures and detailed instructions can be printed on work
    orders to help personnel perform maintenance jobs correctly.
  • Use Calendars to specify days off and work schedules for personnel.
    Use this information during planning to identify resource constraints. 
  • Track parts used and inventory availability to reduce out of stock situations.
  • Workload balancing helps identify & fix scheduling problems in
    your maintenance plans.
  • Automatically track maintenance costs on
    different restaurant equipment & facilities.
  • Use History reports to review past maintenance
    work done as well as identify work that was missed.
  • Warranty information, pictures and links to other documents can be entered
    on each equipment used by the restaurant in the Equipment Comments

    FastMaint can not only help keep track of restaurant maintenance needs but can also be used to for general equipment maintenance,
fleet maintenance and managing the maintenance needs of other assets.

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