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  • Easy to use, Fast to setup, No training required
  • – Easily schedule maintenance & identify missed work
  • – Receive maintenance works requests & convert them to work orders
  • – Email/ text work orders to maintenance staff & receive updates
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Maintenance planners need good business software for asset tracking & task management. A maintenance program based on reliability centered maintenance & total productive maintenance mean that you should have a good tracking system for preventive maintenance & breakdown maintenance.

FastMaint CMMS software is a computerized maintenance management system which in addition to these benefits offers inventory control of spares & supplies, work orders, purchase orders, equipment maintenance logs, a variety of reports you can customize and more. Maintenance managers will like being able to create a maintenance plan with preventive maintenance checklists and using the reports to track progress & costs.

FastMaint CMMS is suitable both for onsite maintenance management as well as field service management. It is maintenance tracking software that makes maintenance a whole lot easier! Get a fully functional 30-Day trial today.

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1. CMMS Software Selection Tips – What Should You Be Looking For?

Maintenance management covers a wide area since regular maintenance is required for a variety of assets. A maintenance software program is not only useful in locations with a lot of machines (e.g. manufacturing plants, mining operations, etc.) but useful where you have a lot of facilities needing maintenance (hotel, resorts, restaurants) as well as those with other equipment (e.g. utilities, vehicle fleets).

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2. 7 Key CMMS Software Features For The Maintenance Manager

Maintenance planners and maintenance managers are responsible for making sure that equipment and/ or facilities are properly maintained and function as needed. Keeping track of such maintenance can be a chore when there is a lot of equipment and/or facilities to maintain.

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Need  help  selecting  the  right  CMMS  software  for your company, and not sure where to start?
Get The Free CMMS Selection Guide
CMMS Software Selection Guide 
Need  help  selecting  the  right  CMMS  software  for your company, and not sure where to start?
Get Free Guide
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Need  help  selecting  the  right  CMMS  software  for your company, and not sure where to start?
Get The Free CMMS Selection Guide
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