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  • Software that is EASY to use, FAST to setup
  • Designed for maintenance teams from one to over a hundred people
  • Suitable for manufacturing plants, industrial works, commercial facilities, utilities & more
  • Easily move from stand alone to networked editions as your needs change
  • Use Microsoft SQL Server or built in Microsoft Access for your maintenance data
  • Prices start from $1600 (one time fee)

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How a maintenance software program can help

Experts say that a maintenance management program can help organizations save between 5-15% of their maintenance budgets. FastMaint CMMS software can help even those with maintenance teams as small as one or two people. The maintenance management software is available in the following editions:

  1. Standard edition: A single user version that supports maintenance management of several equipment and facilities.
  2. Professional edition: A multi-user version for maintenance management of a large number of equipment. It can be used by multiple users. It can work with Microsoft’s Access OR SQL Server databases.
  3. Web edition: A multi-user version for maintenance management of a large number of equipment. It can be used by multiple users. It can work with Microsoft’s Access OR SQL Server databases. You can access it with a web browser (Microsoft Edge/ Apple Safari/ FireFox/ Google Chrome).

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Get a FREE trial of the maintenance software. You should be able to install and start using FastMaint CMMS in a few minutes.

1. The Business Case For Maintenance Management Software

Maintenance planners and supervisors understand how maintenance management software (CMMS software) can improve maintenance operations and reduce costs not just of maintenance but of operations costs due to improved equipment reliability. Unfortunately it is frequently hard to convince senior management or company owners to buy this software and put it to use. There are several other areas besides maintenance software where such capital expenditures can be made – nearly all of which can improve business operations. So how does one justify putting limited budget dollars to get a CMMS software package versus spending it elsewhere?

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2. Maintenance Backlog Management For Equipment & Facilities

Maintenance backlog refers to maintenance work that is overdue. Maintenance backlog is normally measured in hours or days. It shows the total time estimate it would take to complete the pending maintenance work orders. It is a very important maintenance metric for facilities managers, maintenance managers and maintenance planners. Big increases in maintenance backlog should be taken seriously!

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