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FastMaint CMMS Machine Maintenance Software DownloadFastMaint CMMS software is an affordable & easy to use maintenance management program. Maintenance managers will find it helpful for reliability centered maintenance of machine tools & other equipment.

You need total productive maintenance for successful production planning. To help with this, FastMaint offers a variety of task management and inventory management features as well as many reports you can customize.

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Asset Maintenance Software Features:

  • You create & schedule all types of maintenance jobs with the same simple interface. Schedule unplanned maintenance due to machine breakdowns as needed. Schedule regular preventive maintenance on machines by time (e.g. every three months) or by meter readings on the machine (e.g. every 500 run hours, every 100 uses, etc.).
  • Use Calendars to specify days off and work schedules for personnel. Use this information during planning to identify resource constraints.
  • Track parts used and inventory availability to reduce out of stock situations.
  • Automatically track maintenance costs on different machines.
  • Use History reports to review past maintenance work done as well as identify work that was missed.
  • Enter warranty information, pictures and links to other documents for each machine in the Equipment Comments field.


1. CMMS Software Selection Tips – What Should You Be Looking For?

Maintenance management covers a wide area since regular maintenance is required for a variety of assets. A maintenance software program is not only useful in locations with a lot of machines (e.g. manufacturing plants, mining operations, etc.) but useful where you have a lot of facilities needing maintenance (hotel, resorts, restaurants) as well as those with other equipment (e.g. utilities, vehicle fleets).

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2. How To Analyze Machine/ Equipment Breakdown Reports From CMMS Software

As an operations manager or maintenance manager you will regularly look for problem equipment. These cause frequent shutdowns or incur big maintenance costs. When you have hundreds of equipment it can be hard to do.

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