Facilities management & property maintenance can be quite a challenge for the facilities
manager. Commercial property management involves not only real estate management and
project management for new or expanded facilities but ongoing maintenance jobs to keep
existing facilities in good condition and meeting tenant needs. FastMaint CMMS can
help the maintenance manager or the facility manager put together a maintenance plan
not just for corrective maintenance but ongoing preventative maintenance of equipment &
facilities. It includes inventory management of spares & supplies, work request management
and a variety of customizable reports. FastMaint can help even those with maintenance
teams as small as one or two people. Download a 30-Day trial today!

Useful asset maintenance management software features:

  • Create & schedule all types of maintenance jobs with the same
    simple interface. Unplanned maintenance due to equipment breakdowns can be
    scheduled as needed. Regular maintenance on equipment & buildings can be scheduled by time (e.g. every
    three months) or by meter readings on the equipment (e.g. every 500 run
    hours, every 100 uses, etc.).
  • Receive work requests from tenants by email & create work orders that can be emailed to maintenance personnel.
  • Use Calendars to specify days off and work schedules for personnel.
    Use this information during planning to identify resource constraints. 
  • Track parts used and inventory availability to reduce out of stock situations.
  • Use customizable history reports to review past maintenance
    work done as well as identify work that was missed.

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You should be able to install and start using FastMaint CMMS in a few minutes.

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