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FastMaint CMMS - Maintenance SoftwareBuilding maintenance software features

  • Easy to use, Fast to setup, No training required
  • Easily move from stand alone to networked editions as your needs change
  • Receive maintenance works requests & convert them to work orders
  • Email/ text work orders to maintenance staff & receive updates
  • Try before you buy. Import your data into the 30-Day fully functional FastMaint CMMS software trial

Why building maintenance software is important

Real estate management & property maintenance can be quite a challenge for the building & facilities
manager. Commercial property management involves property management and project management for new or expanded facilities. In addition there are ongoing maintenance jobs to keep facilities able to meet tenant needs.

FastMaint can help maintenance managers & facility managers put together a maintenance plan not just for corrective maintenance but ongoing preventive maintenance of equipment & facilities. It includes inventory management of spares & supplies, facilities work requests & work orders and a variety of reports you can modify. FastMaint CMMS software can even help maintenance teams as small as one person. Download a 30-Day trial today!

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1. The Business Case For Maintenance Management Software

Maintenance planners and supervisors understand how maintenance management software (CMMS software) can improve maintenance operations and reduce costs not just of maintenance but of operations costs due to improved equipment reliability. Unfortunately it is frequently hard to convince senior management or company owners to buy this software and put it to use. There are several other areas besides maintenance software where such capital expenditures can be made – nearly all of which can improve business operations. So how does one justify putting limited budget dollars to get a CMMS software package versus spending it elsewhere?

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2. Is Using A CMMS Package Worth The Trouble?

Quite a few maintenance personnel especially if they have had previously bad experiences with a maintenance software rollout have concerns about the value of using a maintenance package. They worry that they will be more of a hindrance than something that helps them do their jobs. These are valid concerns that maintenance supervisors will need to address for a successful implementation of the software.

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3. 7 Tips To Plan Equipment Preventive Maintenance

When you need to manage maintenance of a large number of equipment it can become difficult to create a good preventive maintenance plan. Reactive maintenance aka breakdown maintenance tends to dominate. Preventive maintenance gets delayed and sometime not done at all! Here are a seven tips to help improve preventive maintenance planning.

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