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Use FastMaint to reduce breakdown/ emergency maintenance

Equipment breakdowns & maintenance emergencies are usually very expensive to fix plus result in substantial revenue loss due to equipment/ facility downtime. A proactive planned maintenance program can be very effective in reducing such unplanned breakdowns. Unfortunately, this can be hard to set up as most maintenance programs have grown organically and maintenance teams frequently find themselves locked into continuous “fire-fighting” and doing mainly breakdown maintenance. FastMaint can help to break this vicious cycle so that you can gradually move from such unplanned/ emergency maintenance to planned and proactive maintenance. FastMaint uses the concept of a “task” as a template for frequently done work orders.

Tasks can help you

  1. identify & classify the set of standard maintenance practices
  2. provide the same interface to manage planned & unplanned maintenance
  3. save time creating future work orders – much information is copied from the task
  4. use a powerful Planning module to plan & schedule maintenance activities
  5. capture best practices (in task instructions) from work order to work order
  6. organize work classification resulting in better analyses & identification of areas for improvement

Identifying & setting up such maintenance tasks can take some up-front time. However, the long term benefits can be substantial. Many FastMaint customers have reported seeing a downward trend in equipment breakdowns & spare parts usage.

Want to see for yourself?

You can download the fully functional 30-day trial of FastMaint from here

You can see screenshots & get an overview of FastMaint here.

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