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maintenance technicians handling a maintenance request

Maintenance managers and maintenance planners know that the best laid maintenance plans get affected by unplanned events – machines break down or people need maintenance work done ASAP. While good preventive maintenance planning can help reduce the frequency of breakdown maintenance, handling ad-hoc maintenance requests can be more challenging especially when maintenance technicians are already booked up and have other work to attend to. Continue reading

maintenance software benefitsMost maintenance managers and planners are well aware of how CMMS software aka maintenance management software can improve maintenance operations and reduce expenses. However, it can be difficult to get buy in from senior management or business owners to purchase such software and put it to use. After all there are several other areas besides maintenance software where such capital expenditures can be made – nearly all of which can improve business operations. How does one justify putting limited budget dollars to get maintenance software versus spending it elsewhere?

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maintenance technician happy with cmms softwareWhen your organization buys a CMMS/ maintenance software program one of your first challenges will be how to set up & use your new system. While your IT department, consultants, etc. can install and do some initial set up the system for you, you as the maintenance planner or maintenance manager have to decide how to setup and use the system. Continue reading

cartoon cmms software salesmanWhen an organization purchases CMMS software (maintenance management software) besides the usual features comparison, ease of use and other criteria there are a few technical items that one needs to be aware of. These items if ignored during the software selection and evaluation process can result in much grief at a later date. These items are really not specific to CMMS software but can also trip up other types of software deployments. Continue reading

hydroelectric power utility Public utilities cover a wide range of services from power generation & distribution, water supply, gas supply, waste water treatment and more. They provide essential services in a specific geographic area and have unique challenges. Most are heavily regulated and are required to provide uninterrupted services with few or no complications. Continue reading

cartoon maintenance managerUnfortunately in many manufacturing companies big and small there is a tendency in higher management to see maintenance as a not very important but necessary evil. It is really not something they wish to deal with. They frequently see the maintenance team not as a crucial part of the organization – sometimes possibly a few steps above the janitorial staff! This unfortunately results in disastrous decisions being made for the maintenance team. Continue reading

Space station maintenanceE.I. DuPont de Nemours Co. (Delaware) reported that “The largest, single controllable expenditure in a plant is maintenance, and in many plants the maintenance budget exceeds annual net profit.” (1996)

Maintenance planners and maintenance managers are responsible for making sure that equipment and/ or facilities are properly maintained and function as needed. Keeping track of such maintenance can be a chore when there is a lot of equipment and/or facilities to maintain. Continue reading

maintenance manager reviewing maintenance software reportsWhen you are looking for CMMS software you frequently will have to provide a justification for the purchase in terms of expected costs and benefits. This can be hard to do and quite tedious. You need to understand both the possible costs involved as well as the benefits to make the right decision on not just to purchase CMMS software but the type of product you want as well as the budget you should have for it.
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maintenance jobs boardMaintenance backlog refers to maintenance work that is overdue. It is usually measured in hours or days. It represents the total estimated time it would take to complete the pending maintenance work orders. As a facilities/ maintenance manager or maintenance planner this is something you need to keep an eye on and make sure that it does not go out of control.

Maintenance work orders can remain incomplete for a variety of reasons:
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