5 Tips For A Successful CMMS Software Trial

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Doing a CMMS software trial can be a lot of work!

successful maintenance software trialAre you are in the process of selecting maintenance management software for your organization? You may be finding it quite a challenge! You have pared down the list of the CMMS programs to a handful of likely products. Now for trials of the maintenance software. How does one make best use of the CMMS software trial period? What sort of process makes sense?

CMMS Software trial tips

1. Try to setup the CMMS software trial the way you would use it once bought

This is easier said than done! You may have thousands of equipment or parts with different maintenance needs. Doing a full setup on each candidate maintenance program can become quite a project. You should identify a subset of items you normally work with on a regular basis. This will allow you to get a feel for the software. See if it is possible to import some data from your existing maintenance management system. For example import equipment, parts, maintenance tasks and so on. If you are not yet using a maintenance management software program there could be information in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that you could import.

2. What is the reasons you are looking for a new system? How well does the candidate software meet those needs?

This is where you really put potential maintenance software through their paces. It can be useful if you have existing equipment records and other maintenance data that you can compare with. Compare reports and statistics. Are you getting the information you need? Make sure that products that you are trialing meet your most important requirements.

3. Can other people also try out the CMMS software trial?

If you can set up a multi-user evaluation it can be really useful. Other stake holders can also try the software and see how well it will work for them. You can also test with different people simultaneously making changes or pulling up information. Does it cause software problems or performance issues? You do not want to invest a lot in a new product and find that its performance is terrible once multiple people start using the system! You should contact software vendors if you run into such issues. It may just need some configuration changes to fix. Doing this also gives you a way to check how good their support is before you buy!

4. Can you convert the trial to the full version or will you have to start from scratch?

This can be a major headache if setting up the trial is quite labor intensive. You do want to avoid having to do all this again. Otherwise it would be like you were starting with a brand new product.

5. How easy will it be to set up the trial so that it can actually be used with your maintenance program?

Will the way the maintenance workflows are setup in the trial software easily translate into your maintenance process? Or do you have to completely change the way your work? This can be a good or bad thing based on what your goals for the new CMMS software are.

You can get an idea of typical maintenance management workflows from “How To Fix Maintenance Workflow Problems“. However, be aware that any major workflow changes that you may have to implement to match the workflows in the maintenance software will be rather difficult to implement properly. Most people – maintenance personnel, operators, customers and managers will resist changes in how they do things unless it is not too difficult and they understand the benefits of these changes. This is actually rather crucial since most failures with bringing in new maintenance software will happen here. If people take shortcuts and enter or provide bad data you end up with garbage in – garbage out!

Want more CMMS software selection tips?

You may find the “CMMS Software Selection Guide” quite useful. It has several tips and questions to ask to help you identify the right CMMS product for your organization. Using it should help make you selection process a lot faster and easier.

Free CMMS Software Selection Guide


FREE - Key Maintenance Metrics
Want useful metrics for your maintenance program?
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